What it is


Digital 2020 is an annual roadmap of website changes created by Digital Certification. The primary objective of this roadmap is to assist businesses prioritize investments in the digital space, specifically on their websites.

As the online world rapidly evolves, this roadmap defines a set of essential recommendations that, when implemented, help improve the digital experience of Internet users.

We recommend businesses to try either meeting or exceeding these annual milestones.

While implementing changes may require time, effort and potentially a financial investment, the improvements can have a positive impact on the Internet as a whole.

A single website can make a meaningful difference. Follow our roadmap and be the difference


2016 The Beginning

The journey begins with an independent analysis of your website

2017Speed Matters

This years' focus should be offering a lightning-fast digital experience. This can be achieved by using a content delivery network (CDN).


Website visitors should be able to enjoy an optimized experience regardless of the device they're using. This can be achieved by making websites responsive.

Ideally, websites should not force mobile visitors to install an app on their devices. Apps should typically be offered when built for supplementary purposes.

2019SSL By Default

All browsing traffic should be encrypted by default with an appropriate SSL certificate, protecting the privacy of Internet users.

2020Digital Excellence

By the end of this decade websites should be providing an optimized digital experience to all visitors.